Wheel Woolies 3-Piece Kit - Version B

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Wheel Woolies 3-Piece Kit

Important Note:

  • There are two versions of Wheel Woolies 3-piece kits. Version A and Version B. Pretty much all retailers sell Version A kits due to the lower cost. The differece b/w the two versions is the middle brush size. Version A's middle brush has a skinny 3/8" handle, 12" long with 1.75" diameter brush head, and 3" long brush head. Version B's middle brush on the other hand, has a thicker handle 1/2" (same as the big brush), 18" long with ~2" diameter brush head and 5" long brush head.
  • Version B kit is insignificantly more expensive, but we find it's worth the money as the 12" brush is useless in most cases b/c it's too short & small and you'll be banging your fingers against wheel spokes during cleaning that may hurt your fingers. For example, when cleaning 911 or Corvettes' rear wheels, you'd need to use an 18" (middle) brush. The 12" one won't be long enough and the big 18" (large) brush is too big to fit in-between the rotor and rim. 

Wheel Woolies are by far the safest, most effective way to clean automobile wheels on the market. Most wheel brushes do an excellent job at cleaning the outside surfaces of the wheel but do not allow the user to get into the small holes and crevices where the brake dust collects.  

Twisted wire spoke brushes will reach in but they can really scratch up a wheel if used carelessly and they splatter you with wheel cleaning chemicals and dirty water.  

Our Wheel Woolie brushes combine the best of both worlds. There is no metal in this brush whatsoever. The soft, dense carpet fibers hold suds to transfer them to the wheel. These brushes are made entirely of polypropylene and will stand up to any cleaner you choose to use. Due to the fact that they are 100% polypropylene, they are recyclable and can be put in a recycle bin when they have out lived their usefulness. 

This is a must-have brush to keep new wheels looking that way. Wheel Woolies work with any wheel size opening. They’re great for deep wheel drums, wheel wells, and grills too. The three-piece kit gives you a Wheel Woolie to suit any detailing need.