About Us



Thank you for stopping by our online store. My name is Vlad, the owner of a successful auto detailing centre called Upper Class Detailing based in Ottawa, ON Canada. I'd like to introduce you to our new business venture. The Car Care Shoppe - #1 source for a full range of detailing products & PPF kits. 

Upper Class Detailing was built on a foundation of offering exceptional craftsmanship & customer service, low volume, education, and utilizing the latest detailing products. Car Care Shopppe's business plan is based on the same principals. Limited quantity of detailing products, quality products, responsive customer service, easy to talk to & approachable.

Car Care Shoppe was born to supplement Upper Class Detailing's customers who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to have their cars polished and protected. However, we noticed that our customers' lack of time or willingness to buy detailing supplies online led them to neglect their cars again or them going back to inferior OTC (over the counter) products due to the instant access. 

Our Approach:

- K.I.S.S. (keep it simple Simon) principal. There's no need to offer dozens of items that perform pretty much the same. Exclusions only apply to compounds, polishes, pads, and microfiber towels
- Educate
- Responsive customer service and shippping
- Strengthen a loyal customer base
- Give back to detailing enthusiasts by offering significant discounts

The products we sell get tested first by us at Upper Class Detailing to make sure they live up to their hype or promises. This also allows us to give our customers "Pro Tips" based on our experience.  

Car Care Shoppe's intention is not to be the biggest auto detailing supplier in Canada (in terms of items offered); but to help DIY customers with their purchases, and help them make fast and wise decisions by utilizing K.I.S.S.   


Stay classy shine addicts,

Vlad, owner