Microfiber Towels

Welcome to one of the biggest selection of quality microfiber towels in Canada! Whether you need just one towel or a 1000, we can help.

The towels we sell have been tested and used by us at Upper Class Detailing before being sold to the public. These are durable, thick, lint free, soft, and paint safe towels. 

To keep things simple for a buyer, we offer the following GSM towels and their typical uses:

200 GSM - for leveling paint coatings
300 GSM - glass and mirror cleaning (step 1)
350 GSM - workhorse and versatile GSM for both interior & exterior uses
360 GSM - for polish/paint sealant/wax residue removal
400 GSM - durable yet gentle for rinseless washes & for buffing out glass streaks (step 2)
460 GSM - drying towel
530 GSM - for quick detailers or spray waxes and interior uses
600 GSM - for delicate paint finishes or piano black plastic trims
GSM - stands for Grams Per Square Meter. A higher GSM towel weighs more than a lower GSM. It's typically thicker - and if there is a pile - plusher. A heavier GSM towel will absorb more liquid than a lower GSM towel.  

Microfiber Care: 

  • Wash before first use with a dedicated microfiber detergent or Tide Free & Gentle in liquid form (not powder)
  • You can also add some distilled white vinegar to the bleach compartment
  • Do not mix microfiber towels with other textiles such as, cotton or polyester
  • Do not mix paint towels with wheel towels in the same load
  • Do not use fabric softeners, dryer sheets, or bleach
  • When washing, set temp. to warm (not high or hot)
  • When drying, set temp. to low heat or hang to air dry 
  • Some towels may color bleed so wash them separately


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