SONAX Spray & Seal Paint Sealant 750 ml - New 2021 Version


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Product Overview

SONAX Spray & Seal Touchless Spray-On Sealant 

SONAX Spray & Seal Instant Shine Coating is a great compliment to any car enthusiasts’ product arsenal.

The easy-to-use formulation incorporates a unique Hybrid Polymer Technology that provides up to 3 months protection and generates excellent hydrophobic properties.

After the car is washed and while it is still wet, simply spray a few sections with the product and rinse. Once sealing the whole vehicle is done, completely dry it with a clean microfiber towel or a blower.


  • Spray on, rinse off – and it’s sealed!
  • Quick and easy during the car wash
  • Enhances the color depth and provides a mirror like shine
  • Leaves a water and dirt repellent effect in no time at all


  • Wash vehicle and rinse car soap thoroughly
  • Shake bottle before use and turn the nozzle to open
  • Evenly spray the sealant on the wet vehicle (approx. 4-6 sprays per 4 sq. ft. section)
  • Rinse immediately - using a garden hose or a pressure washer - with plenty of clean water and dry the vehicle. Remove any leftover remnants with a microfiber towel

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review