CarPro Inside Cleaner 16oz. + SONAX Leather & Textile Brush Kit

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Product Overview

CarPro Inside + SONAX Leather & Textile Brush Kit

Introducing CarPro Inside! An excellent new cleansing solution infused with organic essentials for vehicle interiors of many shapes and sizes!

Interior is specially formulated to clean vinyl, plastic, finished leather and a variety of interior surfaces! Utilizing a high foaming mix of proprietary surfactants and gentle detergents, CarPro Inside is able to easily remove built up dirt, sweat, oils, and all manner of soling on interior surfaces.

The heavy foaming action allows perfect saturation of heavy dirt even when using a brush while the strong cleaners allow you to dilute it 1:1 for typical soiling. Use undiluted for extra strength interior cleaning.


  • High foaming action
  • Safe on most surfaces
  • Dilute 1:1 for typical soiling or use neat for nasty soiling
  • Fresh welcome (not overly powerful) scent
  • Infused with organic essentials 
  • Use the Inside to clean leather seats prior to a Nano Ceramic coating


  • Shake well
  • Apply to affected area(s)
  • Agitate with brush, cleaning pad, or towel
  • Wipe off any remaining residue with wet towel


  • Finished leather   
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic Interior surfaces
  • Wood Interior trim
  • Fabric Interior
  • Carpets
  • Rubber Mats
  • Fabric Mats
  • Seatbelts
  • Engine bay


SONAX Leather & Textile Brush

Ergonomic cleaning brush for the dry and wet cleaning of textiles and for the thorough and gentle cleaning of smooth leather surfaces.


  • Ergonomic design (reduced hand/wrist fatigue)
  • Symmetric design - can be used in either hand
  • Gentle and long enough bristles
  • Densely packed bristles for optimal leather cleaner distribution


  • Steering wheel
  • Shift knob
  • Center console
  • Seats
  • Door panels
  • Alcantara


  • Brush Material: 100% synthetic bristles
  • Handle: 100% wood
  • Made in Germany



(No reviews yet) Write a Review