2" Lake Country Hydrotech Tangerine Polishing Pad

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Product Overview

Lake Country Hydrotech Tangerine Polishing Pad

The Tangerine Hydrotech Polishing Pad is ideal for use with any type of polish and offers great cut for a polishing pad while easily finishing LSP ready with a high gloss finish.
When it comes to cut/finish ratio nothing comes close to the Hydrotech pads. Lake Country's HydroTech Foam Pads are magical when paired with a dual action polisher and work great with a rotary as well.
The unique closed cell european pre-polymer foam reduces polish absorption and allows polishes to stay on the paint without getting soaked into the pad which provides the best performance possible from both the polish and the pad. The flat polishing surface allows full surface contact for consistent cut and finish which is what we recommend when using a dual action polisher to achieve the highest level and most consistent gloss possible.  
  • Medium cut 
  • Light to moderate defect removal
  • Reach places you never could before!
  • Low Profile = Less loss of energy in the pad and better polishing transferred to paint
  • Finishing ability is surprising for the cut offered 
  • Multi-Function - use with dual action or rotary
  • European pre-polymer foam
  • Works well with all types of polishes


  • Material: closed cell foam 
  • Polishing Face Diameter: 2 1/8"
  • Thickness: 1/2"
  • Hook & Loop Diameter: 2 1/8"
  • Color: Tangerine
  • Velcro Color: Black  
  • Made in USA